Meet Bek

Licensed Holistic Practitioner, CBP, CRA-RP, CNHP

As a young mother Bek was faced with very challenging diagnoses given to her eldest child. After a period of time attempting treatments through the conventional healthcare model, and seeing no improvement, she began to seek out alternative therapies. With no prior exposure to holistic practices, she was instantly fascinated by how proper supplementation, energy healing and movement could so drastically alter life. 

After spending years applying the modalities and working with many different practitioners, the results were dramatic. The transformative power of the body to heal when properly supported was undeniable. The time spent studying the natural health sciences to heal herself and her family, finally led her to enrolling in a Classical Naturopathic program in 2014. Bek graduated with her Naturopathic Doctor diploma in 2014. While believing there is an important need for nutrition, herbs and holistic coaching, her personal experience with energy medicine was captivating and instantly produced positive changes. Bek continues in her education and is certified as a Reiki Master and studies BodyTalk.
With a desire to see people live in their highest potential, it was clear that Quantum Physics in practice was a key in integrating all components of a supported and progressive health journey. The Intuitive Healing Program allows for you to work with Bek as a holistic coach, accessing all the in-depth knowledge she has in herbalism, nutrition and supplementation. BodyTalk and Reiki Sessions are to experience how energy medicine can align the body beautifully, creating a healing environment. 

Bek is passionate about seeing people step into their highest potential for health and well-being. With a variety of service offerings, as well as Reiki classes, you can find the support you've been needing to transform your life.

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