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Restoring Communication

Picture a game of Telephone. One person starts off with a statement and that statement is passed down a line of people, all interpreting the words, as clearly as they hear them. Usually by the time the last person yells out what was shared, it's laughable how skewed the statement has become. 

This is how the breakdown happens in our health as well.

Every part of us is interconnected. Quantum physics has shown that the practice of treating the pieces of the body as isolated islands is not effective. Not only is every cell communicating at all times, our thoughts, our emotions, our environment, our relationships also contribute to our sense of balance, or lack there of.

All disease begins as you lose the ability to make new cells. You are always renewing, but we need that renewal to happen at the speed of, or faster than the speed of cellular death. Adequate communication is needed for the body to transform, and Intuitive Healing allows us to work with the Innate knowledge that specifies what steps are needed for optimum function.

Is a stored trauma showing up as an area of discomfort? Perhaps a stress is creating extreme inflammation in a body part. Could it be as simple as needing to bring activation to the right and left hemisphere of the brain to cause a downstream effect of clear communication everywhere else. 

At this very moment, while you may feel frustrated and at a standstill when it comes to what is happening, your Innate is ready and willing to guide you on the pathway to health.


Alternative Practices

Using a blend of modalities from BodyTalk, Reiki, and Holistic training, each session is different from person to person. 

What is meant for you, is not going to be what is meant for someone else, as your unique build, your unique thoughts and your unique needs must be seen in order to be aligned and adjusted.

Through these practices not only are you brought into a more parasympathetic state through breath and observation, but you are also supported to begin the process of connecting the missing links, and the results can vary from a subtle shift into ease, to dramatic life-changing experiences.

When you're in Session, there is an invitation to participate in the process of listening to your own body communicate with you, tuning into what is being highlighted and with simple techniques, understanding what the root causes of stress could be. 

You gain a deeper knowledge of your being, your cells begin to oscillate at a higher frequency and the relaxation carries forward, activating further repair and a greater sense of wholeness.  



Merging the techniques of Bek MacIntosh and Heather Love, this online space is created to provide you with the transformational resources to move towards your greatest potential.

Restoring communication in broken-down systems within the body, mind and spirit, is what radically transforms the experience of health.

This healing space allows us to partner with you to shift your energy into the highest expression of wholeness.

Wouldn't it feel good to drop the baggage? 

TerraHarmonium offers a Radical Transformation 12 week program as well as monthly membership where you receive a group session, by either participating live online or listening to the recorded sessions at a later time.

If you are feeling the need to go into intensive focus on your health with the consistent support of a team, reach out to see if this is a fit.

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