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What is Intuitive Healing?

A Greater Experience Of Wholeness

When we are bogged down in the thickness of daily life, from circling thoughts to physical discomforts, painful memories, or harmful behaviours, it can feel impossible to find a way through.

Hopelessness can set in... and if you've ever felt the weight of hopelessness, it's intense.

The space created in a session allows for the process of you, unravelling you to be facilitated. Whatever arises is what is able to be addressed at that moment in time. It could be a specific focus you arrive with or it could be a broad sense of imbalance. For some it's the simple curiosity of how to feel better and better in their every living, internally and externally.

This is not a surface bandaid, it is a deep dive into who you are, even the who you are you may not have met yet. We all have the capacity for radical growth and transformation, total restructuring of your expression and the excitement that at any moment anything can happen. Yet we are also complex... the issues we carry, the shocks, the habits, they build up and we feel like change is slow. But if you are your own healer, then the transmutation journey is yours, for whatever that looks like.


Personal Immersion

No two sessions are the same. Each time there is a new you showing up. When you make the decision to be fully present and authentic in the space created for you, quite literally anything is possible. This is true for each moment of our lives, transmutation is always right there, available, only requiring our presence, observation and awareness.

You are tied into the past you've endured, the present you are navigating and even woven into the future you are designing with every action you take in this moment. There is a thread through the mess and beauty which will lead you into a greater understanding of yourself, your way of being, where you can learn to communicate with body, soul and spirit at all times.

Sessions enable you to open these communication pathways, so you can put into practice empowering your own intuition, guiding you through each part of your life.

This three month immersion is transformative.

Couples Sessions

There is a sense of longing that arises in partnership to be fully seen. While we can master the art of language or learn how to reflect love to another, there is a level of intimacy that can be reached in the container of these sessions that steps outside of the traditional couples supports. 

As each person is enabled to observe with alternative sight, who they are, where the blockages may be arising, or where they want to go, a deep connection follows.

In this safe space, the intertwining of hearts is made possible and tangible change occurs.


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