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"Working with Bek has been a completely life-changing experience. From the moment I connected with her, I felt confident in her ability to help me move through a difficult situation I wasn't sure anyone could help me navigate. What I did not expect was her ability to tune into infinite depths while providing space for massive revelations to come to the surface. Bek was able to hone in on deeply repressed and suppressed experiences that were contributing to my current struggles on an unconscious level. Not only was what I initially came to her for, held, acknowledged and released in the most profound way possible, but so were all the entanglements that had contributed to the challenge I was experiencing. Bek held these in a way that made me feel safe and supported, and in doing so was able to reveal depths that I had not yet explored. I felt a renewed sense of energy, clarity, direction and understanding...I cannot recommend Bek enough for anyone who is seeking profound transformation and healing in their life, and is ready to show up...."


B.C. Canada

"I remember getting off my very first healing session with Bek and telling my partner, 'I feel she's offering the work I've always known I'm meant for and just haven't known how'. Maybe a year later, I took the leap and chose to dive into mentorship with her.Bek's intuitive training and mentorship is unlike any other. It's fluid and responsive to her clients, molding itself naturally around your coaching/practitioner style, providing structure in such subtle ways you don't even realize how much is shifting within you until looking back.There is nothing dry or stale about her trainings. On the contrary, the level of accountability and integrity that is demanded in order to be trustworthy in holding the new skills keeps you facing new layers of yourself constantly. I no longer trust mentorships that do not cultivate this same kind of integral culture to support the safety of both client and practitioner.I quickly went from being a guide without a vision or boundaries, overwhelmed and frustrated by the sticky residue of client energies and emotional states long after our calls had ended, to thriving in a gentle, grounded and overflowing structure. My energetic signature is clear and clean, unaffected by the heaviness my clients are moving through and I am able to confidently channel in response to individual needs. I have much yet to learn, but the coach I was isn't even remotely close to the practitioner I am now, and my raving client reviews are evidence of it. Bek is the wisest investment I've made, both as a human being and as a guide. I couldn't recommend her more!"



"I reached out to Bek after feeling like I needed extra support and clarity that I felt I wasn't receiving through years of general therapy. Mentally I could understand what I was processing and working through but emotionally, physically, and spiritually, it was not landing. I felt very stuck in a cycle I could not move out of on my own and I was desperate for help. 

As soon as I met Bek, I knew I was in the presence of a gently powerful Woman. The shifts I felt and the awareness that I received after my first session was astounding to me. This led me to engage in a year and a half (and still going!) of continued support for various aspects of my life I required guidance with. Bek has an incredible ability to lead me to the core of my perceived problem. Her generosity in assisting with the emotions that arise with an awareness and her support in integrating all that is discovered, is beyond any "therapy" I have ever received. She has also been a catalyst in guiding me to trust my journey related to my purpose and work within this lifetime. 

Bek's healing capabilities are without limitation and her mentorship has been my greatest tool and source of peace over the past couple of years. 

Her gentle yet profound way of holding space allows me to heal what arises and live out my greatest potential has drastically changed my life. I truly do not know where I would be in this moment without her wisdom and guidance. I would encourage anyone who is ready to go deep into a healing journey and willing to evolve towards the best version of oneself, to have Bek as their lighthouse and guide. I am eternally grateful to Bek and all that she holds and shares."


E.G. Canada

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