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Client Experiences

Kelowna, BC

I am skeptical about EVERYTHING. Hence, I went into our session expecting precisely nothing to happen. The moment Bek's hands touched my forehead, my entire world was transformed into what I can only describe as a very profound sensation or colours. Afterward, everything just felt... right. I am definitely coming back for more

Kelowna, BC

Bek's soothing, calming voice, and glorious crystals infuse me with their healing properties. I felt myself moving through a realm of utter peace abd guided by her observations, I came out of the experience with a true, positive shift in my energetic field. I cannot recommend her amazing gift enough!

Pickering, ON

From the moment I enter Bek's space I feel seen and known. When I surrender to trusting the process of healing alongside her, I am certain that I am not alone. Bek's gift and practice is one of nurture, as she facilitates the release of trauma, pain and all that lingers so I can let go.

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