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Immersive Programs

Personal Intensive

I've seen profound growth occur in the space of a few months when the focus and intention is clear.

In this three month immersive program, weekly sessions empower you dive into the deeply embedded experiences and patterns that shape who you are. 

We hold within us the entirety of our life experiences, and while we hope that these will help us to form into thriving humans, often the traumas, attachments, beliefs and circumstances can leave us feeling blocked in physical, mental, spiritual. or emotional health. 

It's okay to feel resistance to the possibility of change, whether a disbelief in it, or the disappointment in it not happening already. Change is deeply unsettling societally, yet it is a guarantee. We are not linear in our healing, I wish we were, but we aren't. 

Over twelve sessions, the beautiful unravelling can be created, in a way that supports the future you are desiring to experience. Releasing your greatest potential, restoring the fullness of your being, and enabling you to use new practices, perspectives and language that support forward motion in all aspects of life. 

This is a commitment to show up for yourself, with the willingness to be courageously honest, the boldness to expand, and the desire to see yourself as the incredible person you are, even if in this moment you don't feel it.


Intuitive Training for Practitioners

Did you know that as a practitioner you are unique? We embark on study, training and knowledge to give us the capacity to meet with people, in order to support them. That is the purity of the practitioner in their initial intention, when they are stepping into greater purpose. 

Did you know that you have even more within you, a deeper knowledge of who you are and what you carry, to facilitate others in their journey?

Intuitive Healing Training is specific to you, an intensive process of embarking on your own potential, activating all avenues of transformation that you can access, and radically aligning your own being to be able to show up to your fullest. This is not for the faint of heart, as we ourselves change to be able to guide others through change. In these sessions you are ready to transform, to look clearly and authentically at your own patterns, in order to do the same for others.

Training in this container is not another how-to, or more credentials behind your name. It is the essence of being YOU. When we show up embodied in our purpose, our own healing and authenticity, we enable each person we meet to do the same in their live, which is an honour and joy. In doing so, you take the knowledge, edification and intellectual understanding you have into a whole new dimension of possibility, with a greater ability to see the individual in front of you, and how to serve them and support them at a new level.

While I wish this was suited to everyone, not everyone is suited to this process. To begin this six month immersion there is a discovery process. Simply reach out by email at to ask an questions, or to share about who you are. I am confident that if we are a fit, it always happens when it should.

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